Organizing Research
Printing, saving, or emailing
Most library databases provide options to print, save, or email articles as you find them. Usually, an option to "add item to folder" or to "mark item" is also available; this enables you to select items from your search results and then review them before printing, saving, or emailing.

One word of caution with using this foldering option is that you need to make sure that each of the articles from your folder attach properly to the list you email yourself from the database or download to your flash drive.

Labeling search results
When you complete multiple searches and create multiple folders of search results, it is a good idea to label your search lists, folders, etc. with the search terms you used to obtain the search results. This way, you will not inadvertently replicate previous searches.

If you use a bibliographic management tool such as Zotero, or Endnote, most databases we subscribe to provide the option of exporting saved search results directly to them.

If a database does not provide this option, oftentimes you can export saved search results and save them to a file on your desktop and them import your citations.

For more details, see: Citation Tools