Finding Textbooks

The Library does not normally collect textbooks for RMU courses. Students are expected to purchase required textbooks for their courses. However, there are textbooks for most of the RMU core courses that are part of the Textbook Reserve Collection. These textbooks are available at the Library Circulation Desk for in-library use only.

A small percentage of other courses at RMU have textbooks and other materials available through Faculty Provided Reserves in the Library.

Occasionally there are certain books in the General Collection or the Reference Collection of the Library that are also required texts for your courses; those can be located by searching ROBCAT.

Lastly, students are sometimes able to successfully borrow textbooks through Interlibrary Loan, though this is not recommended due to the loan restrictions often in place for ILL materials.

Looking for other low cost alternatives for obtaining textbooks?

You might try purchasing through:

You can also try renting textbooks through:
-Textbook Rental

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