Finding Articles

Select a Database
If you know the name of a database you would like to use, go to Search & Find, then go to Databases to select an individual database.
If you are searching from home or elsewhere off-campus, you should be prompted for your RMU Sentry username and password.

If you do not know which database to use to start searching for articles, refer to Selecting a Database Research Guide. Alternatively, you can just start your search with RMU Library's Discovery search box (found on the library homepage).

If you already have an article citation for a journal you are looking for or you already know the name of the journal you would like to search, go to the Journal Finder.

Develop a Keyword Statement
After (or before) identifying a database to search, identify two or three important keywords to represent your topic. Use "AND" to combine your main topic and subtopic and develop a keyword search statement

Access Full Content of Selected Articles
Some article citations in your search results may only include an abstract. 

If one of the article citations you select is not available in full-text format through the database you are searching, then:

1a) There should be an EBSCO LinkSource link. If there is, select it. 

If we have access to the article, a link to the article in the database where it is located will display.   

If we do not have access to the article, a message will display indicating this.   

1b) If there is no "Find this article in full Text from ..." or a "Submit an ILL request" link, go to the Journal Finder

2) Then, type the name of the journal [or magazine or newspaper title] into the search box (not the title of the journal article).  

3) If we have access to the journal through an article database, a link to that database will appear.   

4) If the journal is part of our print periodicals collection, the RMU Print Journals location code will display. 

To Find Articles from a Specific Journal
If you know the name of a journal you would like to search, again, use the Journal Finder

If the Library has access to the journal, location information, and dates of coverage for the journal will be displayed. If the Library has electronic access to the journal, follow the title link. From there, you can browse or search for the article you need.

Questions? Refer to other research help or contact a librarian.