Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access

Are you having trouble accessing all library databases or a specific database? 
If it is only one specific database, please let us know ( or; usually this is just a temporary issue and we can let you know when everything is 100% again).

Are you having trouble accessing all library databases from off campus?
First, make sure you are utilizing your login only and not your entire Gmail address. Secondly, make sure you are using your Sentry login/password combination and not your Blackboard login/password combination.

1). Clear your cache and cookies
2). ENABLE cookies
3). Next, do you have a pop-up blocker on? If so, turn off the pop-up blocker in your browser.
4). If you use an accelerator tool such as Google Accelerator, turn it off.
5). Do not use browsers that come with providers (i.e. AOL). Use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
6). Use a newer browser, (for example, for Internet Explorer, use 6.0 or higher). 

*A quick note about enabling cookies: in order to establish your RMU access credentials when accessing databases from off-campus,
you need to allow or enable cookies, at least when doing database searches from off-campus. This allows your authentication connection to be maintained throughout your off-campus search session.

Still experiencing access issues?  
Ideally, your login/password combination for accessing library databases from off-campus should be in sync with your Sentry login/password. 

1). Go to
2). Select "Login" in the upper right corner
3). Select the link, "Forgot your username or password? Reactivate your account" (located just below the username and password boxes).
4). At the following screen, input the remaining digits of your freedom card number
5). Input your birth date (as in the example on the password reset page).
6). Click "Submit"
7). At the next screen, select a new password. Make sure all three boxes on this page are checked: Sentry Secured Services, Novell, Gmail E-mail.
*Whether or not you are on campus, or using any campus computers, any Windows/Mac or Novell boxes need to be checked; our proxy server (enabling off-campus access to library resources) utilizes this login/password component. 
8). Next, wait a full 5-10 minutes, (while you're waiting, clean out your cache, make sure cookies are enabled, and your pop-up blocker is turned off, and then begin a new browser session).

Check to make sure that everything is working as it should
1). Go to again.
2). Select "Library"
3). Select "Databases A-Z"
4). Choose any database. At this point, you should be prompted for your RMU Sentry username and password. Enter your username and new password.

Changing browser settings, updating your browser, or resetting and synchronizing your username and password should fix most database access problems you are encountering. For the small percentage of users for which this does not seem to resolve off-campus access issues, check to see if you may have some firewall settings that may be interfering with the Library's EZProxy system. 

Check for Firewall Settings
Firewall problems can arise if you are attempting to access RMU eLibrary Databases from your place of work. Many corporate sites have firewall restrictions. In addition, there may be another proxy system established at your workplace that is interfering with EZProxy communication. You may want to submit a request to your employer's IT department to see if the remote firewall can be changed to permit communication using LoginPort 80.

**If you are still experiencing access issues at this point, please let us know!
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Go to RMU Technology & Services web page, Locate, download and install VMware View.