Collection Development Policy: Weeding & Replacement

Weeding is done to maximize space and to improve the Library’s collection.  The systematic withdrawal of materials that are no longer useful is essential to maintain a viable library collection.  The Library assesses the usefulness, relevance, and physical condition of its collection on an ongoing basis.  Books judged to be irrelevant, outdated, unused, in poor physical condition, or superseded by new editions are eligible to be removed from the collection.  Superseded editions are evaluated at the time an order is placed for the newer edition.  At that time, a decision is made to retain or discard the previous edition.

In addition, the books in the Library’s collection are systematically evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Physical condition of the volume
  • Age of material
  • Number of copies in the collection
  • Use
  • Obsolescence of information
  • Damaged or irreparable condition

In conjunction with Access Services, missing or lost materials are identified at the end of each semester.  Materials that go missing or lost for any reason may be withdrawn from the collection.  Replacement of these items is dependent upon current selection criteria, availability for repurchase, and budget constraints.