Collection Development Policy: Introduction
Robert Morris University Library Collections are a vital component of the academic life of the University that support learning, teaching, and research. The goals of the University Library’s Collection Development Policy are to support the University vision of “providing a highly proactive student engagement learning environment” as well as to sustain the Library as a community asset that, according to its own respective vision, “embodies the intellectual heart of the University and drives academic success.” The Collection Development Policy is intended to provide guidance that will ensure the development of effective collections that meet RMU curricular needs and support faculty and student research as well as other institutional priorities.

The guidelines that follow are designed to provide flexibility and latitude in addressing specific situations by allowing for individual judgment based on the collectively held priorities that follow. The policy is subject to revision and interpretation as new ideas and trends emerge. The primary purpose of this document is to specify the ways in which collections support the academic endeavors of the University. A secondary pursuit is to supplement the broader informational needs of the RMU community.

Selection Strategy:
      Collection Development & Management/ Collection Responsibilities