Collection Development Policy: General Collection 

The General Collection is a print and electronic book collection encompassing all major subject areas and disciplines.  Books are acquired for all disciplines through a variety of vendors and publishers.

Selection Criteria:  

·     Relevance to the RMU curriculum and/or a research discipline

·    Accuracy and currency of information

·     Quality of scholarship and/or reputation of author or publisher

·     Past usage and potential/anticipated use

·     Availability of other library materials on the subject

·     Cost

·     Scope and depth of the subject coverage

·     Presentation of alternative viewpoints

·     Availability in electronic format

Other Guidelines:

·    Duplicates are purchased selectively 

·    Format choice is based on expected use, content shelf-life, and cost

·    RMU Library acquires primarily English language materials

·    Lost materials will be evaluated and replaced if deemed necessary