Collection Development Policy: eBooks

The decision to purchase books in print or electronic format is made by the Head of Acquisitions according to the usability and accessibility of resources and platforms, space and ongoing expenses, as well as any known patron preferences.

Individual eBook Purchases 

Selection and acquisition of individual eBooks follows evaluation and acquisition processes similar to other books, as described in the General Collection and Reference sections of this policy.  

Additional selection criteria utilized in eBook acquisitions 

  • Accessibility: supports IP authentication; Open-URL compliance
  • Discoverability and integration of content
  • Usability: user-friendliness, compatibility with multiple browsers, multiple operating systems; does not require downloading of special software
  • Individual eBook purchases are made through RMU Library book vendor whenever possible
  • Multi-user eBook access is preferred whenever possible

Evidence-based Acquisition (EBA) and Demand-drive Acquisition (DDA) eBook purchasing models through library consortia or book vendors are given strong consideration and provide an alternative avenue for acquiring eBooks and offering cost-effective eBook access.

eBook subscriptions are another means of offering eBook access. Evaluation criteria for subscriptions to eBook packages follow much of the same criteria outlined under the section, Ongoing Commitments/ Subscription-Based resources section of this policy.