Information Literacy

What is Information Literacy?
Information Literacy is the term used to refer to the skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information effectively. 

Information Literacy Philosophy
Support for information literacy among the RMU community constitutes a fundamental principle for all RMU Library activities.
In providing for the community's information needs, and fostering the thoughtful use, evaluation, and organization of information throughout the research process, the RMU Library facilitates the analytical thinking and integrative reasoning critical to the intellectual development of students and the professional achievement of faculty and staff. 

Incorporating Information Literacy into the Curriculum

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (ALA - Association of College and Research Libraries)

Information Literacy and Library Instruction
RMU Librarians are available to collaborate with you in the development of course-integrated information literacy assignments or information literacy-based library instruction sessions.

Please contact an RMU Research Librarian for additional information.